We have worked together as a creative team for 25 years, on branding and communications projects with clients worldwide. We put together teams big and small, drawing on a select network of outstanding creative and production people.

We are lean and agile – we haven’t had a physical office for years, so we’re really good at remote collaborative working.

We work across all communications, from advertising to internal comms. Everything we do is about genuinely engaging people. We have a huge amount of experience in taking projects from concept to execution, creating the clearest, simplest, most human solutions.

What our clients say…

‘Human are the real deal. A highly creative, intelligent force that make it their absolute meaning in life to get under the skin of your brand and business and quite literally breathe your air. They have a rare clarity that cuts through confusion, clutter and fog, out of which emerges a version of you that you can hardly recognise and yet feels familiar and safe. Edgy, dynamic and stylish, a complete pleasure to work with, they have had a huge impact on Temple Spa.’ – Liz Warom, MD & Co-founder, Temple Spa

‘Terry and Janet are excellent creative thinkers and doers, who are able to communicate complex messages with great clarity, humanity and persuasion. Their input into the launch, development and implementation of the M&S brand refresh was invaluable.’ – Steven Sharp, former executive marketing director, Marks & Spencer

‘A fantastic team, an absolute joy to work with. They’re very people focused, taking the time to listen and really get to know our business and the people within it, quickly building respect and rapport. It’s the combination of creativity, clarity, thoughtfulness, responsiveness and a genuine love for what they do, that makes them different.’ – Natalie Gordon, VP, marketing and operations, Egremont Group